In this game, you play a teenager trying to clear your name. The town has blamed you for a missing child, as you were the last one to see the child during your final shift at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. You break into the restaurant to see if you can figure it out.

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Made withbitsy
Tags2-d, asmund, Bitsy, chica, daneasmund, five-nights-at-freddys, Five Nights at Freddy's, freddy, Horror, Pixel Art


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Pretty neat game. Liked the Chuck E Cheese reference.

You were missing a tile here

Show post... so i got a video for this and it was a gameplay


lol i saw bonnie mopping the Floor


We all did.

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great game! make more of this!

This was a great game! Hope to see more from you!


I expected something  short and probably not with the best writing, not this! The writings good, the storys good, the games good, I like it! good job

Haha, thanks! It is definitely very unassuming until you really get into it, then it just keeps going and is good. Thanks for taking the time to play! : )


this is great


This is incredible! I don't know how you did it but everything is incredibly well detailed and seems to go beyond what Bitsy could normally do! I've gotta know how you did this? Do you know any tutorials I can follow? I'm making a game myself in Bitsy and any help would be appreciated!! 

Felix, you are too kind!

It did, at the time, go beyond what a normal bitsy could do. But I think the updates to Bitsy lately have pretty much changed that, as things like "Exit from Dialogue" which I used before was a hack, but now is part of Bitsy with its updates. I think you might be noticing Transparent Sprites, which I used in the game with the help of Borksy, the hack gathering tool for Bitsy. There are all kinds of hacks available, such as including music, etc. But I think the only ones I really used were Exit from Dialogue and Transparent Sprites.

Anything in particular in the game that caught your eye as being beyond Bitsy's abilities? I could have done a great deal more-- such as coloring sprites differently, without even using hacks. Because you have access to your game's source code you can make all kinds of changes if you just know where to look. A great resource is the Bitsy Discord! They are all kind and helpful. Go to the bitsy page and click the link that goes to the discord-- and there, ask for some specific help in the Tips and Help channel. 

Otherwise I'm happy to help you figure out the things I did in this game! Just let me know! I'm on the discord as Seven.


I see what you mean! I'm really new to this Bitsy engine and coding/game dev in general so I'm not too sure how to make things on a surface level without like a tutorial or something..

I think some of my biggest wonders were how you did these:

-The Moving of the Dumpster while everything else seemed to stay in place
-Rooms change and objects/tiles in these rooms have new dialogue when you come back after doing tasks
-Larger sprites for the Animatronics
-These bits of dialouge that happen when moving forward to a location that only happen once and more dialogue is in front
-How you made it matter whether you picked the Wrench or not when confronting Freddy
-How you darkened different parts of the room when you entered other parts
-Anything that would include Dialogue Choices!

Thank you very much for the help! I'm in the Discord too and will talk to you soon! I'm Mae!

Also if you wanna try my game I'd be happy if you could give advice for what I could do better or if there's Kool hacks that might help! 

Thanks again! 

You also asked on my game how I moved the dumpster-- No real magic there, I just had a duplicate room with the dumpster one over.
Rooms changing with new dialogue and objects after you do some tasks -- Again, just a duplicated room, with the sprites and everything placed back in place.
LArger sprites for the animatronics -- No magic, just two sprites on top of eachother!
Spots where you see dialogue without interacting with something-- those are just invisible items on the ground with text attached. Tiles are what make up rooms, Sprites are interactive objects or tiles, and Items are things you pick up and can walk through. So I just did some items with no image so you walked in and text happens.
You can put conditional effects on dialogue using the BRANCHING list option for dialogue, so for the Wrench in facing Freddy, that's all I did. If you had the Wrench, the game went to one ending. If you didn't, it went to the default, bad ending. There was also a gun ending that was a bit happier than the wrench one! : )
How I darkened spots of room? I think you mean like the Attic-- that's again no secret magic, just different rooms. Exiting to another room over and over so it looks like youre in a moving vision scenario.
Dialogue choices.... I think there are some hacks that let you do that, but I've never used them personally. IT just adds a whole nother layer of complexity that I don't always want to deal with haha. 

Thank you so much for the help! I've read these all and these are a great  help and I've read them all :D Thanks for reaching out on Discord to help me!!

I used to spend my time here with my sister by the way Thank you for doing this Beautiful Masterpiece.

Awww thank you! I'm still thinking about doing a sequel. I already did all the rooms from this game in Bitsy HD, so they are twice the pixels in size and detail-- and that part at least looks really good. I just need to rethink the story a bit! : )


that sitting baloon boy say "hi: and you answer "yes hello little sh*t"



bonnie mopping is the highlight of my week


In the youtube comments it appears to be people's favorite thing haha. I also enjoy it!!


when the player insulted bonnie bc he was mopping i was like ''dude hes trying his best''

haha, bonnie mopping has a special place in my heart


good game

amazing game

Thank you!! I spent a lot of time on the game!! : >

Played it. Got stuck a few times. Ending up getting screwed over by Freddy and that bastard kid.

im still stuck after grabbing the key. after grabbing the key i couldn't find out where to go

Hey Spot! After you get the key, that will allow you to open the locked door on the show stage. Head there, and check out everything in the room to find a way ahead! There are also some wonderful playthrus done on youtube if you search Clearing Your Name FNAF by Dawko, FusionGamerz, and others, if you would rather see someone else do it/if you cant get ahead. Just watching a little bit can help you find out what to do next! : )

yeah, i figured out what i was stuck on in the beginning. people weren't lying when they said this was a great game, i also got both endings, great job on this.

Thank you!! There are five endings total, but you probably got the relevant, end ones. There are 3 with freddy and 2 with chica, depending on what weapon you have.

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so good i wish i could make this!


Deleted post

Thank you! I spent a lot of time on it! : )

Awsome game! I'm making one right now but i don't get it how you made the animatronics' sprites so big.

they are two Sprites high

I see. Thank you for the help and awsome game and hope to see future project like this.

I was out when I replied-- They are two high for the most part, and for the Bonnies I did an extra sprite on top for the ears alone. They look much bigger than the player. It was a pain in the butt to do it over and over for every iteration of each room map, but it was well worth it!

Good luck with your game! I will definitely be doing more in the future-- just a very busy time right now.

Great game I wish I could make games like that well done!

You can! Check out Bitsy and try your hand! : )


This was really a lot of fun! I enjoyed the story and the atmosphere, and it was great to see a FNaF fan game that didn't retread so much of the tropes of the series. My only complaint was the lack of music and sound in the game, which I think could have really helped build up the tension. Still, lots of fun! 

Thanks for the message! I agree, I would have LOVED sound and music, but I didn't know how to add it. Bitsy doesn't support that, but Borksy, a mod for Bitsy, does allow you to add music. I may go back sometime and add music and sound! : )

And thanks for the note! I was really happy to really change up the lore and try something different. I didn't just want to tell the same story, I was hoping to find something new.

And wow! I just saw you did a video!! That's so awesome, thank you!

Deleted post

@Pineappleswithsauce: Thanks! That means a lot to me, as it's definitely my first game!

I will make more games in the future, the process was really easy and very fun, even though there were some kinks in the work that I had to fix. I'll think about what's next. I love FNAF and I'm not sure if I would want to do another FNAF fangame of some kind or do some others that I could perhaps take donations on.  

Thanks again! : )