When an idea takes root, a story is changed.

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Tags2D, Bitsy, Horror, meta, Narrative, plant, root, Story Rich


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Is the rebooting page the end because I don't know what to do after he says "let me show you what a control panel is."?

At that point, you go back to the start  menu to open the control panel. Just be sure to always interact with all sprites on the screen. : )!

How do i go back to the start?When I touch the start button he just say's "Well that's dealt with."

Hmmm? I just played through again--

After you say "Ill show you what a control panel is", if you go interact with the START menu in the corner it moves you to a new screen where there's a flower next to the "rebooting" bit in the center of the screen. You then interact with the flower. You're so close to the end of the game!! It's so sad that it's not working for you : <

It worked now I don't know why it didn't work before .(That's a really dark ending btw)


Finally a meta bitsy game


Very nice story!  :D


This is not at all what I expected but i'm so glad I played all the way through - so interesting congrats!

Thank you! I agree that it doesn't tell you what it's about at the front end of the game hehe. : >

talking to the princess froze my computer

That's so sad : <<<

I hope you just never speak to her again. What a rude lady.


Ooh, I like this. Feels like you wrote a creepypasta into a game format. It's cool, good job!


Thanks so much! It definitely has that vibe-- I wasn't sure how creepy I wanted to go with it, but I had fun at the end : )!



Thanks! : >

I just played around and ended up making it longer and longer as I went.

Whoa! So weird but intriguing. I like the idea of the game developer talking to a program. And that wacky guy. Great game!

Thanks so much for the comment! I had a great time with it : )


So spooky. I loved it!!


100/10 Great story! Congrats on the entry!


Thanks so much for playing and taking the time to leave a comment! : >

This is off topic but is your farmer food pack thing for commercial use

Farmer food pack? Can you link to what you're talking about, I haven't made any packs that I'm aware of!