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Confluence is a new unique TTRPG world and system that sees 40 worlds, and all of my other TTRPGs, cardgames, and more, come into one space to coexist. Any genre is possible here. Insectoid engineers the Chell stand side by side with Humans from a dark fantasy zombie apocalypse, holding off the hordes. 

Modern surgeons call on healers with soul-curing magics to close the surgical wounds. Sentient dogs storm through a city run by Fallen Gods.

This is a world of possibilities. A story of any genre can be told here, as great and epic or as small and local as desired, with sci fi, fantasy, horror, and even modern themes. With an exciting new combat system, the game can lean into the fantasy adventure of D&D dungeon raiding if desired, but it can also play into a totally social game with no combat at all. Each facet of a character, from physical to mental to social, has its own sheet. Each has its own importance.

In Confluence, there are elements from my 40 other game worlds, some that have come to pass, and others that have yet to be released. In this playtest, you have access to 11 of the 14 races that will be available in the final book, and 180 pages of the intended 350~. Beyond races you have access to four magic systems, hundreds of items, weapon styles, combat abilities, non-combat abilities, and more!

Beside the Core Rulebook included here is a form fillable sheet and the Confluence Atlas, a 60~ page PDF that tells you more about the world of Confluence, the worlds that make it up, and more, with additional races, maps, and the knowledge needed to set up a game here. The final atlas will be a 300~ page companion book for the core rulebook, covering as much of the world as it can.

Want to talk to people? Find rules clarifications? Hop onto the Cosmic Mirror Games Discord that I just launched. I'm there, so I can answer questions!

You can also pledge to my work on Patreon to help me keep creating this stuff! I have short stories and more on there already, and if some new people are interested, I will be posting additional Confluence options on there for patrons only!


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Confluence Character Sheet 0.2.pdf 3 MB

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